Faith Walk:
This spiritual warfare game will give you meaningful insight and allow you to step on the devils neck. But you must have FAITH TO WALK. This awesome spiritual warfare teaching game starts in Egypt, The World, then takes you into the wilderness. While in the wilderness, GOD will bless you with points to add to your total, but the devil will take your points and subtract from your total. There is a tug of war for your points and you can not let the devil win. All players in this game must stop the devil from taking their points by collecting four maturity tags on your way to the KINGDOM. There are more ways this game will allow you to stop the devil’s attacks. You can use a PRAYER CARD or a FAITH CARD which you can pick up on your way to the KINGDOM. Each maturity tag you collect will make you stronger to resist the devil and allow you to take points back from the devil. Once you go into the devil’s corner and pick up the 4th maturity tag for KINGDOM LIVING AND WINNING SOULS, you become a SUPER SAINT. Every time the devil asks you to DEDUCT points you can step on the devils neck and TAKE those points and ADD them to your total. There will be no DEDUCTIONS WHEN YOU ARE FULLY MATURE WITH ALL four TAGS. In this game you will tithe and give an offering when you receive points. As you travel around the board, you could land on the area of sin. If you commit a sin, THE GOOD NEWS IS there is an ALTER space #62 on the board that will allow you to REPENT of the sin and erase it from your score sheet. To win the game each player must collect all four maturity tags, have 400 good saint points, no sins on your score sheet and take the seven steps to the KINGDOM. Are you ready to take a FAITH WALK? Ages 8 to Adult, 2 to 4 players The concept of this game is to expose the devils tricks and teach the saints of GOD to WALK BY FAITH AND NOT BY SIGHT. Usually ships within 2 to 3 weeks.

Full Armor of God:
Be the first player to put on the SIX ARMORS OF GOD and win the game. Players set your own strategy and get ready to put on your ARMOR. This awesome board game will have you adding, subtracting and multiplying numbers in order to put on the six pieces of armor required to win the game. If you needed 50 points to check off the BELT OF TRUTH, you can use the spaces on the board to add, subtract and multiply your way to the 50 points. The truth is you must have EXACTLY 50 points to check off the BELT OF TRUTH on your score sheet. If you had 52 points, to get to 50 points you must find a space on the board that will allow you to subtract 2 points and secure 50 points for the BELT OF TRUTH. Remember you must secure all six pieces of armor and all of point totals are different. 50 points for the BELT OF TRUTH, 62 points for the HELMET OF SALVATION, 70 points for the BREAST PLATE OF RIGHTEOUSNESS, 82 points for the SHIELD OF FAITH, 90 points for the SHOES OF PEACE and 103 points for the SWORD OF THE SPIRIT which is the word of GOD. Each piece of armor has a certain number you must secure to check off that piece of armor. When you secure all six pieces of armor you WIN! At the bottom of the score sheets Ephesians 6:10-18 from the Bible is written. This will allow each player to know the pieces of armor and their uses. This is a fun way to learn about the ARMORS OF GOD and set strategies to win this game. Contents: 8 x 10 acrylic game board, 6 tokens, 10 number chips, a pull bag, score sheets and rules. The concept of this game is to teach the scriptures about the spiritual ARMORS OF GOD and their uses to all that are willing to play. 2 to 6 players, ages 8 to Adult Play A Game, Learn The Word!

Gotta Get My Blessings, a fun way to learn spelling, strategy and words from the bible. Object: Be the first player to build a WORD from the letters on the board and get points or blessings. Bonus blessings are given to the player that finishes each mission first. Players with the highest amount of blessings at the end of four missions win. How to play the game: The mission will start when you know the WORD you must spell. Let’s say the word is WORSHIP! Each player must move around the game board and land on letters to spell the word WORDSHIP. The first player to spell WORSHIP will win the 1st mission. Then you will go for the same word or a new word on mission #2. As each player rounds the board searching for letters to build the WORD, you may receive multiple blessing cards. 1 Multiple blessing card is worth 2 times your score, if you have 2 multiple blessing cards its worth 4 times, 3 cards 6 times and 4 cards 8 times your score. Try to get as many multiple blessing cards as you can, but watch out for the REVERSE BLESSING CARD, because it will make you subtract all your points. Set your strategy and finish your mission first and you will be a champion at GETTING YOUR BLESSINGS. CONTENTS: 4 Multiple blessing cards, 1 Reverse blessing card, acrylic game board, score sheets, 10 number chips, 1 wild chip, 1 pull bag, 6 tokens and rules. 2 to 6 players, ages 6 to Adult This game is sure to be a hit at; any fellowship, family night, or conference. Play a game, learn THE WORD. Usually ships within 2 to 3 weeks.

It’s In The Book:
It’s In The Book, a fun way to learn scripture. No longer will it be hard to remember certain scriptures, because in this card game you will read them over and over again to receive points. The Bible says that we are to meditate on the scriptures day and night. Each player is dealt 3 cards. In this game the scriptures are split in half on two cards. It is up to each player to MATCH the two cards and make the scripture whole again. When you MATCH the FRONT and BACK of a particular scripture you must put the MATCH face up on the table in front of you and read the entire scripture. Once you have finished reading, you will ask the score keeper to give you points, but don’t forget to say IT’S IN THE BOOK or you will not get your points. You must stay alert when you play, so that you will not miss your scripture. Here is an example of how the cards read: one of the cards in the game reads GEN 1:1 “IN THE BEGINNING GOD CREATED (front card) and the (back card) have the words “THE HEAVENS AND THE EARTH”. When you put the two cards together as a MATCH you will read; “IN THE BEGINNING GOD CREATED THE HEAVENS AND THE EARTH”, then say “GIVE ME 10 POINTS, because IT’S IN THE BOOK.” Remember to say IT’S IN THE BOOK or you will not get your points. The concept of this game is to evangelize and teach everyone scriptures from the Bible. Great for children’s ministry, youth groups, friends and family. No age limit, “IF YOU CAN READ, YOU CAN PLAY,” 2 TO 6 PLAYERS CONTENTS: 25 front cards, 25 back cards, which make up a total of 25 total scriptures. Also a DOUBLE CARD and a MEMORY CARD which will make 52 cards in the deck. There are rules to the game, how to play and how to score cards to complete the deck

Whatsayu Card Version:,
The game of thought by Kim’s Kingdom Games Co. This is a must have game for any fellowship, reunion, picnic, conference, bible study, children’s ministry or any get-together with family, friends or co-workers. Whatsayu? is a game for all ages with 200 biblical quotes, cliches’, scriptures and more, taken from the KING JAMES VERSION of the Bible and also 100 regular quotes and cliches’. 300 word groups in all! You or your team will get one word at a time. When you guess the group of words correctly you will receive points. If you guess wrong you or your team will be out until the next group of words is started. Some of the word groups you will know right away! Other word groups will take more time to guess, but the good things is you will keep getting word after word until you guess correctly. The more words you are your team guesses the more points you get. In this game you can DOUBLE or TRIPLE your points. It doesn’t matter how many or less points you have, you are never out of the game! Take a look at one of the word groups below. If you think you know the answer e-mail us! I have five words; the first word is THE for 400 points WHATSAYU? No answer! Okay I will give you another word. The second word is DEVIL, THE DEVIL, only three words left, for 300 points WHATSAYU? If you guessed THE DEVIL IS A LIAR you are correct, and if you didn’t guess it, I would have given you the next word and the next word and even the last word, because you need to know THE DEVIL IS A LIAR! Ages 6 to Adult, 2 to 200 or more players The concept of this game is to learn how to quote scriptures, teach the word of God and have fun at the same time.

WhatSayU, DVD Version & Custom WhatSayU Veola Davis Style
Same as above, but you can play this game on your DVD player. There are 100 word groups per DVD. There are 5 different DVD’s for purchase. The 1st DVD is made up of RANDOM quotes, cliches’, scriptures and song titles. The 2nd DVD is the same as the first, but we get a little deeper with our selection from the bible. The 3rd DVD is all JESUS, the groups of words are all centered around and about JESUS. The 4th DVD is made up of REGULAR quotes and cliches’ some reference the bible. We did this DVD so that you can mix it up a bit when you are playing with non believers. The 5th DVD is made up of all scriptures. Scriptures on FAITH, WISDOM AND SALVATION. These are great ice breaker DVD’s for bible study, teaching, business, conference, any event or just plain playtime. This game will give you the ability to have fun and keep God in mind when you play. Good for all ages! Specify which DVD you want in the comments/message field when checking out!

Increase Your Kingdom Giving (using your net to attack your debt):
This book/workbook and guide will guide you on your way to being DEBT FREE! The IKG program was created for people wanting their break the debt cycle and fear of giving to the Kingdom of God. You do not have to be poor to be in DEBT and it is not embarrassing to be in DEBT. Over 95% of working people are in some kind of debt. Do you want to be a cheerful giver? Get this book and it will teach you to give if you are not giving, tithe if you are not tithing, offer if you are not offering and so on. Become an IKG today and take back what the devil is stealing from you.