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What Say You

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Whatsayu Card Version:,
The game of thought by Kim’s Kingdom Games Co. This is a must have game for any fellowship, reunion, picnic, conference, bible study, children’s ministry or any get-together with family, friends or co-workers. Whatsayu? is a game for all ages with 200 biblical quotes, cliches’, scriptures and more, taken from the KING JAMES VERSION of the Bible and also 100 regular quotes and cliches’. 300 word groups in all! You or your team will get one word at a time. When you guess the group of words correctly you will receive points. If you guess wrong you or your team will be out until the next group of words is started. Some of the word groups you will know right away! Other word groups will take more time to guess, but the good things is you will keep getting word after word until you guess correctly. The more words you are your team guesses the more points you get. In this game you can DOUBLE or TRIPLE your points. It doesn’t matter how many or less points you have, you are never out of the game! Take a look at one of the word groups below. If you think you know the answer e-mail us! I have five words; the first word is THE for 400 points WHATSAYU? No answer! Okay I will give you another word. The second word is DEVIL, THE DEVIL, only three words left, for 300 points WHATSAYU? If you guessed THE DEVIL IS A LIAR you are correct, and if you didn’t guess it, I would have given you the next word and the next word and even the last word, because you need to know THE DEVIL IS A LIAR! Ages 6 to Adult, 2 to 200 or more players The concept of this game is to learn how to quote scriptures, teach the word of God and have fun at the same time.


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